About Me

Diana Serban(DiQuin) - front end and back end developer
can offer:

Customized Design

Organization analysis, prototyping, layout design based on the case study.Mission, Vision and Values will be the core of the product.

Web oriented marketing campaign

I have marketing knowledge acquired during my MMD studies, and I can conduct an online marketing campaign, using social media.

Front end interface

Beautiful and neat front end interface, using modern technologies like Bootstrap, Font-Awesome Icons, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery.

Back end systems

And this is my favourite part.I can create booking systems using Php, Mysql, JS, AJAX, XML, XHTML, some C# and Java.


for both front end and back end develelopment:


Advanced user.


Advanced user.

Js, Jquery

Advanced User.

Php, Mysql

Medium-advanced user.


Medium-Advanced user.

C#, Java

Beginner .


Advanced,Medium,Medium user


Advanced user.

Responsive layouts

Advanced user.

3d Maya, Adobe Flash, video


Back end

Here is an example of booking system

Let's imagine we have a big IT company and the CEO wants to have control over the employees and most of all, upon the building. So, he hired me to build an internal booking system where every employee can book a room in the building, after the working hours, for different purposes, like working extra hours or holding presentations for customers.Every employee has to login from the start. Here are the usernames and passwords you need to login to the system: admin@admin.com pasw: 1234; users: diana@yahoo.com psw:1234; sinc@sinc.com pasw:1234

Front End

Screenshots/ redesigns

FPLtd. sewing garments

Goth Metal blog

Rowntrees candies

!Bump ED



Abigail Redesign


New projects coming soon..


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me:

Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 52 64 39 02